Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration with Awaken Skin Studio


Awaken Spa is having a launch party in March 2023.. Stay tuned for more updates!

There are many causes of hair thinning and loss: stress, COVID, hormones, and normal aging. These can be difficult to treat, especially in a market saturated with gimmicks and remedies that are unproven at best.

While no medical professional can guarantee specific results, what we can guarantee is that we only offer treatments that have a strong basis in science and proven clinical research. We are excited to be the first clinic in South Western Ontario to offer TED.

TED stands for Trans-Epidermal Delivery. It is a combination of ultrasound and air pressure that opens up the top protective layer of the scalp (stratum corneum) and allows our proprietary blend of growth factors to penetrate down into the follicles. Clinical research has shown that this enhances absorption by approximately 65%. Three treatments, done one month apart, were shown to increase follicle density (how many hairs per square inch) by 44%. Check out these before and after photos of actual TED patients courtesy of hair treatment pioneer Dr. Lady Dy, MD, FAAD. *Individual results may vary

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So what is in this growth factor blend? It is a blend of naturally occurring proteins that promote hair growth (new hair), hair nourishment (thicker hair), and hair anchoring (to prevent hair fallout). The specific proteins are listed in the diagram. They are designed to mimic the pro-growth proteins found in platelet-rich plasma (PRP). However, PRP treatment for hair restoration has fallen out of favor because it contains both pro-growth and inhibitory proteins. Also, it hurts! TED is a painless treatment in that Dr. Sage fell asleep during his test treatment.
Here is an interesting study on these selective growth factors blends for hair growth.

The Awaken Difference

At Awaken, we are data-driven and want to only invest in the best machines and services. We purchased AI technology to take pictures of your scalp, count the number of hairs you have, and measure the thickness of the hair shaft. This way, we can analyze two very important factors:

1. How many more hairs are you getting after each treatment; and
2. How much healthier is the hair after each treatment because of hair thickness?